PAIN CITY is a hard hitting rock and roll trio from Oslo, Norway. Formed in 2016 by Stian Krogh.

PAIN CITY has 3 albums out so far, «When Life Gets You» from 2018 and «Keep It Real» from 2019, released by PAIN CITY RECORDS and their third album «Rock and Roll Hearts» released worldwide by MASSACRE RECORDS GERMANY 21.2.2020.

The bands fourth album .......... is set to be released worldwide april/may 2022. This time also by MASSACRE RECORDS GERMANY.

The new album will «knock your lights out» and will set the new standard for today’s rock and roll scene. The band hired the legendary Studio Fredman in Sweden with master producer Fredrik Nordström behind the desk, and after a quick listen to the final cuts, it is no doubt the bands new record will seriously kick your ass so hard it will hurt for days.  It is an explosion of energy, sound and rawness you have never heard before.

PAIN CITY is a must see and hear live and the three rock and roll gentlemen will give you a heads up on how it all should be done. Petter Haukaas on drums is an attraction on its own and you can hear the impossible being possible with this amazing musician. The mighty Torkjell Hagen Voll on bass gives you a kick in the nuts, with both his stage presence and playing. And the one and only Stian Krogh delivers the tightest riffs, ass kicking solo’s and raspy vocals known to mankind. If you want a «Night out with your tail out» come and see these guys.


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